... As a therapist myself, I'm very choosy about who I go to for a massage. Julie is one of the best in the business. I feel so much better afterwards. It's not always painful, just damn good!

                      — Karen, Holistic therapist

 ... A deep tissue massage from Julie induces the kind of pain that makes you feel physically sick and is oh so lovely when it stops. The finished result is freedom of movement and a lot less aches - and the next appointment to look forward to!”

                      — Tim Haldane

 ... Julie's massage is without doubt the best and only massage I would recommend. Painful, yes, but 100% effective, professionally delivered and excellent value for money.”

                      — Pam Greenway, B2B marketing consultant

 ... I have suffered with lower back pain for years. I've tried many different treatments from chiropractors to acupuncture. With Julie's massages I saw instant results. My range of movement has really improved along with my posture. Thanks Julie!”

                      — Adam D'arcy, IT worker

 ... Julie's massages really do hurt. But the results are definitely worth it!”

                      — Neil Cook, Police Sergeant