I'm Julie Bennett


I've been massaging for about 18+ years now and absolutely love my job!


I'm a naturally strong person with hands of steel, which is helpful as some of my clients include local rugby players. However, most people who come to me for help tend to be office workers who find themselves stuck at their desks all day or drivers who rarely get the sort of daily movement their body wants or needs.


My team includes Andrea, who not only gives a tough sports massage, but if you just want to relax, Andrea also offers more relaxing treatments including hot stone massages, aromatherapy and Swedish massages. Get in touch now to book a relaxing session with the incredibly talented, professional Andrea and guide dog Edie.


I promise you'll have a noticeable spring back in your step within just a session or two.


So what are you waiting for? Phone and make an appointment now!


A poem for Julie:



‘Not your ordinary sports massage’


Too right it bleedin’ ain’t!


It’s not for nervous dispositions,


The squeamish or the faint


Brace yourself for your hour-long slot


Be mentally prepared


Cos with Julie Bennett’s hands of steel


No muscles or knots are spared


She’ll pummel and she’ll knead you


Like you’ve never been tortured before


And just when your body is screaming “ENOUGH!”


She’ll chirpily say “just one more”


The hole in the bed’s not for comfort


Nor for admiring each fine painted toe


It’s for when Julie digs in with her elbow


And you can’t fight the strong urge to THROW!


“No pain, no gain” is the mantra


She follows one hundred percent


So you’re forking out your hard earned cash


For this ‘GBH with intent’


But Julie you are magic


Your hands may be of steel


But your fully booked schedule’s testament


To the benefits we feel


So thanks for the massage, Julie


For the torment, pain and hell


We couldn’t do without you


Love Ju, Mark, Pam and Delle